Meet our leaders

Martin Wagah: CEO & Co-founder

I’m a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, Wellcome Sanger Institute, reading genomics.

At Cambridge, I generate high-quality reference genomes and use these to fight malaria. I do this by mapping the evolutionary landscape of malaria vectors and tracking the emergence of insecticide resistance across the world.

As a life-long futurist, I am deeply interested in AI, which is currently one of humanity’s most potent inventions. I want to use AIs as general-purpose technologies for addressing challenges within the African continent.

This is the path we are taking as a company, to bring humanity one step closer to a safe, ethically-grounded and aligned AGI.

Carringtone Kinyanjui: CTO & Co-founder

I’m a PhD student at the University of Manchester, reading the History of Science.

At Manchester, I apply quantitative methods to study the historical co-development of data networks with knowledge communities.

My interest in technical AGI research developed over the last five years and I am now actively developing bespoke African AI solutions. I also enjoy metaphysical, cosmological and political discussions.