Songhai’s mission is to design and develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) in Africa, for the world. Africa’s ancient empires like the Songhai Empire were once renowned for their intellectual vibrancy. At Songhai AGI, we honour this legacy by using intelligences to build the future.

Our Vision

We envision a world where AI, powered by Africa’s rich heritage, unlocks the boundless potential of our communities. Our vision is deeply rooted in transforming how businesses and societies across Africa and beyond operate and thrive. We are dedicated to making AI accessible, impactful, and transformative across various sectors including legal, science, education, healthcare, finance, and more.

Why Africa?

Africa is brimming with potential. It possesses a rich tapestry of over 2000 languages, and extraordinary variations in geography, climate, culture, and so much more.  Its vibrant youth population with an average age of just 18 years is also poised to witness 1 billion births over the next two decades. We at Songhai see this as a civilization-defining moment. We also see it as a sandbox for the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions which have the power to not only address Africa’s unique challenges but also offer insights with global applicability.


At the heart of Songhai is a harmonious blend of machine learning and UI technologies, curated to be more than just tools. Our solutions are your partners in achieving excellence and efficiency.

  • Legal: Navigate the legal landscape with HAKI, our LLM-driven research assistant designed and developed by Songhai and Vanguard BI, to enhance legal search and decision-making.
  • And beyond: Our reach is currently extending into science, education and other major sectors where AI can make a significant impact. At Songhai, our ultimate goal is to build AGI for the benefit of all mankind.

Songhai is more than a company; it is primarily a research group. It is also movement towards an AI-empowered future. There’s a place for you here.

Welcome to Songhai – where we build the future.